Facebook Image Dimensions 2015

When it comes to Facebook, visuals are a key part of the formula for success, whether it be for your Page profile, Cover image, updates, ads, events and so much more.  How do you know what size these images need to be and the text limits for each section of Facebook?

To save time finding out, Jon Loomer has put together a thorough list of all the possible image options and character limits involved in your Facebook presence and is happy to us to share it.    Jon is one of the the leading authorities in the Facebook ads space in the globe.  In Western Australia we recommend Ming Johanson from OTOTGo, and partner with her and her team on digital marketing events such as Digital Marketing Exposed.


Master Guide: All Facebook Image Dimensions and Ad Specs [2015]
Courtesy of: JonLoomer.com

Create Your Social Media Magic Formula

Each social media platform has its own boundaries, that are not set by the platform but by your network, and each person has different expectations when it comes to how often to post. So how do you know what is the right amount of content to share and how often?

You need to start with knowing what problems your target market have that you solve best.

  • What are they expert in?
  • Who are your ideal clients?
  • How they interact and on which platforms?

How often do I post on each platform?

Facebook may be a bit more forgiving when it comes to amount of sharing, given it covers all aspects of life, posting many times a day is acceptable.   The key is to understand audience segmentation when posting, to win with this platform, and ensure the right people/group are delivered the appropriate content.

Twitter works best with space between posts, use of relevant hashtags and knowing when your audience are online most. Keep things shorter, and link to supporting content.

LinkedIn is also about timing and relevance. LinkedIn doesn’t have lists or the use of has tags yet, and doesn’t give access to a persons history, but does allow you to become a publisher and see Group discussions.

Be sure to space out updates so they are not on top of each other as badly timed one-way communication or a flood of updates will actually do your presence damage. Your posts will possibly be hidden or worst case, the person will remove you as a connection.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution to fit all platforms.  Create your own magic formula, by testing and measuring what works best for your network, and adjusting your plan.

Know > Like > Trust

In order to build a relationship, you need to allow the person to get to know you, through your updates and conversation, get to like you, in order to trust you and have confidence in your experience and ability, in order to becomes a client or brand advocate.

Whichever platforms you use;

  1. Create a strong profile to position you as the expert in your field
  2. Create a connection and communication strategy
  3. Engage with your network consistently
  4. Invite them to experience your services
  5. Deliver value to become a trusted advisor and develop advocates.

Do you understand how you can leverage LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and email marketing to work with your website and blog, to amplify your profile and position you as an authority in your field?

Need help creating a plan and assessing what you have, and how you can build your own presence, then contact us.

Social Media growing up – are you growing with it?

Facebook is now 10 and it is still a free communication tool to use for all.  How cool is that?!

There is often whinging about the negative aspects, but we forget that is it  free.  Facebook has allowed me to meet and connect with many people all around the world that I may not otherwise know.  Sure I would like better results on my business Page, but expecting so much for little effort and no cost is like having your marketing spoon fed.

Back in the days before Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms, we had to pay for adverting, we had to invest time in email campaigns and pick up the phone.  Nothing has changed, except we have be given access to many fabulous free tools.

The tools themselves won’t fix your marketing problems, only you and your strategies will.  It is all in HOW you use them.

I often hear things like; “LinkedIn doesn’t work for me”, “I don’t do Facebook”, but it isn’t about you.  If you know who your audience are, what their problems are that you solve, and what words they use when seeking a solution via Google, you can influence who they contact.   Use the right words throughout your Profiles, Pages and updates in addition to your blog and other content.

Facebook has come a long way over the last 10 years, from a platform to connect with friends, to an effective business networking, marketing and communication tool. It is such a diverse platform used for many parts of life.  Here is a fun look at the recent Facebook movie we can all create about our own history, in parody form;

LinkedIn has been consistent in its purpose over the last 11 years, but has grown from an employment tool to business communicatoon and networking tool.  The functionality is certainly improving, and the opportunities are huge. Is it time you invested  in your online footprint?

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