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Free Marketing Planning Workbook to work though your business marketing goals and mapping out your social media.  It is available as a gift to plan your year.  The eBook features worksheets and checklists plus expert tips from various leaders around the world.  Ignite your marketing and get this book to shine online.

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AussieparentsGuideto FacebookCoverSThis eBook about Facebook and privacy is geared towards parents and anyone concerned about their Facebook privacy.  It will help you gain control of what you are sharing, with whom and covers other platforms being used today, especially by the younger generation.  This guide is currently available for no cost.

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Many business owners are busy trying to do everything in their business, rather than focusing on the things they really want to be doing.  Is this you?

Jo has written a book about outsourcing tasks you don’t want to do by working with a Virtual Assistant. This book explains what, why, how and where you can get help from a VA.

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The Kindle version of the above book, to help busy business owners understand what a Virtual Assistant can do for you, where to find them and how to work with them.

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I contributed a couple of chapters to a book explaining how to use LinkedIn and some strategies to use, along with other LinkedIn specialists around the globe.

Book proceed go to the Author who pulled together LinkedIn specialists from around the globe.

Look out for  Jo’s LinkedIn book soon.