Does your LinkedIn Profile Start With WHY?

During your career have you ever stopped to look at your life from a bird’s eye view?

It will help you connect the dots and identify your big WHY, enabling you to write your story using tools such as your LinkedIn profile. 

When we start with why, we understand ourself so much more. 

Understand why you do what you do

Can you recall what you wanted to do from a young age? Did you follow that exact path? I certainly didn’t plan to do what I am doing now, in fact who knew such a role would exist?! But the reason WHY I do what I do has been the commonality in all that I have done.

We create a CV / resume to showcase our experience, from our education to work, but do we communicate to what really drives us? Does your LinkedIn Profile include this important factor? Our Experience section showcases our career in a similar way to our CV. We share our education, volunteer roles, things we have published and our achievements. But have you used our LinkedIn Summary to tell your story? 

The Summary section of your LinkedIn Profile is the perfect place to share parts of your story in order to inspire people to connect with you. This is your opportunity to be creative and stand out. Not only can you use text, but you can add documents, images and video links to expand on your story, show case your work and take the viewer on a journey.

People don’t care so much about what you do, they care about WHY you do it. Finding passions and causes you have in common with someone can strengthen the relationship. 

” People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it” – Simon Sinek 

Why Do You Do What You Do? 

When I looked at my journey I saw the connection between all the dots light up. Finally I understood why I do what I do. Even as a shy teen, I loved to connect with people and help them connect with others. I had pen friends around the world and started my own penpal club in the early 90s to help others, which I ran for over 7 years. I was attracted to marketing and events, which are all about connection and communication, and my other passion; learning and growth.

Take some time to write your own story. It doesn’t have to be shared with anyone, but it can be infused into your LinkedIn Summary, on your website and throughout your communications. Do it for you and suddenly that hobby business as a youth making and selling something, be it decorated soaps (my thing) or growing and selling alfalfa sprouts (Amanda Kendle I’m talking about you), will reveal some relevant in your journey. Read Amanda’s story here.

Look at the leaders you admire – and read their story. One person who does it well is Gary Vaynerchuck. He infuses his story into his speaking, and his brand.

I believe there is an entrepreneurial gene that many of us have. Some find it sooner and activate it, others take it and really let it shine bright.

Never discard experience and devalue yourself. Everything is an opportunity and part of your DNA. Even a negative experience will provide a learning that will allow you to grow. Make it relevant and identify it as part of your unique story. This is the power of you and your uniqueness.

If you are interested to learn more about your WHY, look up Simon Sinek and check out his upcoming online program.

Have you written your professional story?

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