Why do you trust someone enough to buy their product or service?  Would you buy from an unknown with no experience, or track record, claiming to be an expert, or do you just buy based on price?

Anyone can claim overnight expert status with no experience across any industry, and look the part with a landing page, Facebook Page and other social media accounts.  Just be sure to do your research before signing up with anything.

Here are some things to think about before engaging with any ‘expert’;

1. Do they walk their talk and practice what they preach?
2. What is their background to support their current business? (Check LinkedIn.)
3. Do they have more than 3 years of related experience?
4. How many industries and different jobs have they had?
5. Do they have lots of different businesses / projects right now?
6. How do you feel when talking to them? (Trust your instincts.)
7. What do others say about them and the results they achieved?
8. Do they make bold claims or share inaccurate information?
9. Do they claim to know everything or are they honest about what they don’t know?

If they appear to know it all… run!

In the social media space there are some awesome people who have invested time and effort in learning specific platforms, strategies who come with valuable foundational skills and experience. They are committed to investing in themselves via learning and growing, attend conferences, training, webinars, read lots, have a community of related businesses they work with and know well and get out and network.  They are sharing, positive, friendly and well respected.  They look to how they can help rather than ‘whats in it for me’.  These people know WHY they do what they do and have a journey that has lead them to do what they do now. Their passion, values, experience and commitment to growth is what makes them an expert.

A person can certainly change roles and focus, but the core will remain the same, the passion, purpose and beliefs that lie within, the big WHY will remain the same, if not get clearer over time.  If you know your why you can chose how to deliver on it.  

By researching and getting to understand the person or business before engaging them, you can work out if you connect with their purpose and vision.  Do you feel they can deliver on the promise they are making? Do you share values and feel that they are the right solution to your problem right now? 

Instincts, that gut feel, is the proof that you understand or connect to their why.  Trust yours and research before engaging anyone, and that includes me.

Watch this enlightening video on the power of WHY by Simon Sinek as part of TED;


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